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About Us

BuggyBusters is the biggest liquidation superstore in Georgia. We are a category of liquidation retail where retailers sell merchandise at discounted prices and it's open to the public; no membership required. The concept is to buy a variety of exclusive items and sell them at prices lower than those asked by the traditional retail stores. A community store where you can save in more than one way while enjoying multiple shopping experiences, all under one roof.


BuggyBusters have everything you and your family needs, all in one place. The only store where you can dig, bid, and buy. We have a traditional discount retail store, multiple online auctions and multiple bin rooms.


Dig The bin Rooms - BuggyBusters features 3 bin rooms within the store. Bin rooms are loaded up full of products. Each item in the bin room is one price. Each day, the price will drop to a new lower price until the last day.

Bid in the Auctions- We offer multiple online auctions weekly; create an account and start bidding. Customers can come in on select days to preview the auctions, then place their bids through their phones or home computers

Buy from the Retail Side- Our regular retail store has to offer a huge selection of items at the best discounted prices. The price that no one can beat.

We Buy Different...So You Pay Less!

BuggyBusters goal is to create the best mix of discount shopping experiences under one roof

Come experience the best and the most positive liquidation shopping experience only at BuggyBusters. 

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