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Bin Rooms One, Two & Three

BuggyBusters has introduced a new concept to the store, known as The Bin Rooms.  Douglasville’s first ever BIN Room has been introduced by BuggyBusters. In these rooms, people who are looking for even more savings than what is offered normally at the massive 117,000 square foot store, will find declining prices every day.

There are three weekly Bin Room Sales offes by BuggyBusters. The Bin Rooms are separate from the traditional retail side of the store, like three mini stores within the store. Bin rooms are loaded up full of products.  Each item in the bin room is one price.  Each day, the price will drop to a new lower price until the last day.  Rooms oftentimes will sell out, so you’ll want to get there early!  You never know what you’ll find in the bin rooms!

All types of merchandise are featured including automotive tools and accessories, health and beauty products, furniture, home décor, food, pet supplies, toys and games, women's accessories, tools and hardware, clothing and pretty much about anything that can be sold. 

Note: All sales are final- NO RETURNS

The Best Discount Ever!!!

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