Frequently asked questions- About Discount Retail Store

How many weekly auctions do you run?

Two Online Auctions weekly. Learn more at

When can we preview the auctions?

To know about our preview and pickup days please visit this link:

Are you a retail store or offering Auctions only? Can we shop at the store?

Buggybusters is like other retail stores and open for everyone. No membership or sign-up required. Anyone can shop at the regular retail store during our store hours of operation. Auctions are a part of our business but different from the retail stores. We offer two online auctions every week. To learn more about auction please visit the auction page

How do we pay for the auctions?

Pay at the store. We don't accept over the phone or online payments. You can pay when you are picking up your items.

What is BuggyBusters?

BuggyBusters is a Liquidation Superstore offering the best liquidation shopping experience. We buy and sell exclusive items at the best discounted prices. Discount Retail.

What is the Bin Room?

Douglasville's first evert Bin Room has been introduced by BuggyBusters. It is a mini store inside our massive store. It offers the largest selection of items such as clothes, electronics, tools, auto products, health and beauty, food and more. Everything at the lowest price possible. It is one of our biggest and most succesfull weekly sales.

When is the Bin Room Open?

The Bin room opens every Friday to Wednesday of the following week. Bin Room is closed every Thursday for restocking/reloading purposes. To learn more visit: BuggyBusters Bin Room | BuggyBusters

How do you update people about the ongoing sales and discounts?

We request all our customers to follow us on Facebook and also subcribe to our mailing list, on our website. We post regularly about the ongoing sales and discounts / Auctions on Facebook. We also send weekly newsletters to inform our customers about the ongoing or upcoming sales/discounts, in advance.

Do you accept returns/exchanges?

Yes, anything purchased from the regular retail store with be returned or exchanged within 30 days of the purchase and with a VALID RECEIPT ONLY. All Bin Room Items are final sales- No Returns! Auction Items are Final Sale- No Returns. (Unless the items are defective or have missing parts that we forgot to mention)